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Offered twice annually Trail Runner 101 is a great way to get introduced to trail running before venturing off on your own! Trail Runner 101 is great for the new and experienced trail runners alike!

The next season begins June 10th!

Join us for our no-obligation information session at Fleet Feet Sports! Thursday, June 8th at 7:00 pm (RSVP HERE) 

Click here to register now!

The first workout starts at 7am, Saturday, June 10th at the Squatch Start at the Rocks and Roots Trail at Alum Creek!

Running single-track trail can be one of the most amazing experiences, but it can also be a bit intimidating if you aren't familiar with the terrain. That's where we come in! Join us and we will help you explore until you are ready to head out on your own. You'll meet new friends and discover a love of trail running along the way!

Local coaches will provide advice, support, weekly group training runs and walks, and short clinics on topics such as trail safety, proper nutrition, choosing the right gear, and avoiding injury. 

The program is geared to train new trail runners for the Hoot Half and 10K in August. Registration includes training, shirt, handheld bottle, and entry into The Hoot Half & 10K! Get dirty with us!

The ten-week program begins in Mid-January for the April race, and Mid-June for the August race!

Benefits of trail running

Trail running provides many benefits. Trail running is a total body workout for both the body and mind. Some of the benefits are strength in your core and back, and upper and lower body flexibility. The mind also is able to strengthen and simply relax because the trails provide a serene environment without the noise and congestion of cars and stoplights. One of the most advantageous benefits of incorporating trail running in to any program is that of lowering the risk of injury. The soft dirt of the trail provides a cushion for the body and joints versus the pounding of the pavement and concrete from road running. Trail running also allows an athlete to add variety in to their program and take a break mentally and physically from monotonous road miles.

Program Offerings:

  • Training plans for the 10K and Half Marathon distances. 
  • Fully supported and coached Saturday/Sunday morning group runs 
  • Fully supported and coached Thursday evening group runs 
  • Weekly coaching newsletters
  • Each participant receives a Trail Runner 101 shirt.
  • Each participant receives a handheld water bottle.
  • Exclusive club discounts at Fleet Feet Sports Columbus.
  • Exclusive in-store discount to all Columbus-area Fleet Feet + FrontRunner stores.
  • Discounts into the Hoot Half & 10K, and Summer Squatch 10K!
Program cost: (does not include registration for the Hoot Half Marathon & 10K Trail Race)
  • The 10-week Trail Runner 101 program costs $60 for the season.
  • Fleet Feet Training group alumni receive a $10 discounted cost.

Your Trailheads (coaches):
  • Ryan Moran - Ryan has been running trails since 2005, when he decided that the air on the trail is easier to inhale than the exhaust from the 1992 Dodge Neon he was consuming while road running!  He has completed numerous trail races over varied distances from 10K to the 50K. Ryan spends his days as the Operations Manager for Salem Media Group.  You will often find Ryan running the Rocks and Roots trail at Alum Creek with his running buddy... a 10 year old foxhound he calls "Bay."  (Because he refuses to call her by her real name... "Baby")  He has an amazing wife and two super-kids that you will occasionally see him unsuccessfully wrangling!
  • Brendan O'Ryan - Brendan was a long time mountain biker that started running a couple years ago mainly as a way to lose weight, but Brendan doesn't do anything halfway.  He fell in love with trail running.  In the past year he has completed a trail marathon, 3 50k races, and many shorter distance races.  In February he finished his first 50 miler.  When he isn't looking for mud puddles to splash in he stays busy with his incredibly patient wife and 2 young sons.  You'll know when Brendan shows up to the trail head by the heavy metal music blasting from his car stereo.
  • Julie Collins - Julie is a long-time road runner who discovered a love for the trails. She needed a break from the pavement after numerous full marathons. Julie strives to get stronger and faster, and was surprised that the slower pace of the trail actually accomplished this for her. Julie is a phenomenal runner, and a tremendous resource for any new trail runner!
  • Scott Gaitten - Scott is the only known human to have ever run 50 miles at Highbanks Metro Park in a single day! Do you know how many laps that is?! He has an amazing wife and three kiddos at home. Scott started running in 2008, and has since completed numerous road marathons (including 5 Boston Marathons), and has completed two 50Ks and a 100 miler!
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