MIT Wednesday October 16 2013

As we wrap up your training it is crucial that you maintain the routine you have enjoyed for the past few months. If that means you did speed work every Wednesday up to this point you should continue all the way up to race day. The one caveat to this is that the workouts get shorter, intensity drops, and rest gets longer.The last three week of training are all about going through the motions. You've already put in all the work that's going to get you through to the finish. Now it's about putting on the finishing touches....and maintaining your sanity! This is where keeping up your routine comes into play. So keep up the good work! Race day will be here before you know it!  You are ready!


***For those who are following the experienced and advanced schedules and who are doing Wednesday speed workouts please take note of the following.***


Your schedule includes a determined mileage for each day. On Wednesday your mileage includes a warm-up, the workout and a cool-down. There will be occasions where your schedule calls for more or less mileage than will be included in the Wednesday workout. In these cases you have a couple of options: 

  • Complete the mileage as prescribed for the Wednesday workout without regard to differences with your weekly schedule. This option is fine as long as it doesn't throw your weekly total off by more than 5%.
  • In the event that your weekly schedule calls for more mileage on Wednesday than is prescribed for the workout you may wish to do the additional mileage in a longer warm-up or cool-down are do a second workout on Wednesday morning before coming to the workout. You may also choose to add mileage to your Thursday or Friday workout. 
  • In the event that your weekly schedule calls for less mileage on Wednesday than is prescribed for the workout you may wish to do less mileage on days following the workout, but do NOT neglect the warm-up or cool-down.

Workouts during the last month are the same for half and full marathoners.

Race week! 1 mile warm-up, 3 x 1000 meters at marathon pace. 2-3 minutes rest. This should be VERY relaxed. If your not hitting marathon pace, no worries. Nice, relaxed and controlled rhythm. 1 mile cool-down

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