Yes, you should Cross Train…

 Want to get to the finish line faster? Want to recover quicker? Want to prevent potential injuries? Then yes, you shouldcross train. You need to cross train.

Cross training, according to Runners World magazine, “ when a runner trains by doing another kind of fitness workout such as cycling, swimming, a fitness class or strength training to supplement their running. It builds strength and flexibility in muscles that running doesn't utilize.

Cross training is encouraged for all fitness levels. Having a strong core is the foundation of movement. Adding 'Core on Sundays with Marie' works the stabilizers of your spine, shoulders and hips to help you move efficiently during your training. This is a great class for beginners or to challenge elite athletes. All you need is a mat, towel and water bottle.

If you are in a rut and need to shake up your running, then 614Worx is perfect for you. This program was designed for runners by runners. It compliments your 18- week training program towards your goal race. 614WorX begins with basic strength moves and then layers in complex movements while you increase training miles. When you taper, 614Worx decreases intensity and focuses on mechanics to keep you moving in a full range of motion. This program is designed for you to get stronger, prevent injuries and build stamina to push through the wall.

Still have questions on how to do it all and still hit your weekly mileage? Email me! I’d love to help you set the right weekly schedule to get you to your finish line faster, efficiently and injury free!

Marie Miller BS,  NASM CPT



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