Trail Etiquette

Trail Etiquette

  • Contributed by Michele Hofer - MIT 12:00 Pace Coach

  • One of the biggest concerns with our group as a whole is the size of MIT. We can be very intimidating to others and have a greater environmental impact on trails.  So, please keep the following in mind the following "rules" as we head out this week and in all future runs:

    1) Stay no more than two abreast when running.

    2) Try to always keep to the right and pass on the left. As a group, shift to the left if there are other groups/ bikers passing.

    3)  If you have to cross the trail or making a u-turn , make sure to slow down and look behind you before changing direction.

    4) Alert others when you are passing them. Do not spook other pedestrians. Just a simple “on your left” will do.

    5) Do not litter. Keep gel wrappers or in your pockets and dispose of them when you get to a water stop.

    6) Try to carry your own bottle and/or hydration belt.  If for some reason you cannot, then when you use a cup at the first stop, please carry it with you and try to reuse it again for future water stops.   MIT has over 600 people registered this season and you can imagine the amount of garbage that can be produced by a group of that size!   Please try to help us out and "drink responsibly."  

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