The Runner's and Walker's Ten

*By Sean Huffman, MS, ATC, PT

Components of Therapy for Runners and Walkers

  1. Training tips--from your coaches
  2. Proper shoe fit--from a shoe store expert
  3. Recovery/cross training--from a training group
  4. Differentiating pain from injury--from a physician

Runner's and Walker's Ten

There are a set of ten exercises that can help address common runner problem areas. Scroll down to see images to help you understand how to perform each of them. 

1. Sidelying Straight Leg Raises

2. Hip Hikers

3. Steamboats

4. Step Downs

5. Vector Reaches




6. Lower Back Core: Bridge with Knee Extension

7a. Abdominal Core: Plank

7b. Abdominal Core: Side Plank

8. Clam Shells

9. Grab a Pen

10a. Stretching: Hamstring

10b. Stretching: Quadriceps

10c. Stretching: Piriformis

10d. Stretching: Heelcord

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