Packing Tips

* Contributed by Randy Olson- MIT Pace Coach

Have you thought about what you need to pack for your half or full marathon? Packing a bag the night before, even if you're not going out of town to race can go great distances in easing race day nerves.

Here is my packing list (for clothing)

  • Running Shoes (I take a backup pair as well)
  • Running Socks (consider a couple of extra pairs)
  • Running Shorts (yeah, I take an extra one of those too)
  • Short Sleeve Shirt (what the heck, I might take an extra one of those too)
  • Long Sleeve Shirt (just in case)
  • Running Jacket
  • Running Vest
  • Running Cap
  • Cold weather hat/headband/sweatband (keep those ears warm)
  • Running Gloves
  • Sports Bra
  • Long Running Pants or tights (in case of very cold weather) w/seamless underpants
  • Long Pants/Old Shirt/Sweatshirt to wear to the race site (there are baggage transports, but you might want wear something old so you can toss it off to the side as the race begins)
  • Compression socks or Calf Sleeves
  • Compression Pants
  • Compression Shorts
  • Pink Tutu (for the Flying Pig Marathon or inflatable wings)

And here is my packing list for other gear
  • Registration Confirmation
  • Picture ID card (Driver’s License will do)
  • Printed Directions or Tom Tom/Garmin for your car
  • Plane tickets and reservation confirmations
  • Dinner Reservations for carb loading
  • Passport/Green card if doing an international race
  • Band-aids (1” Sports Strips are the best for me)
  • Power-gels, Gu’s, Bloks, or beans
  • Glide Stick or Vaseline
  • Zip-lock bags (for waterproofing money, camera, or cell phone)
  • Extra safety pins (for BIB Number) or race belt
  • Water belt/gu carrier
  • Beverages to fill belt (Water/Gatorade/PowerAde)
  • Cash to stow away in case of emergency
  • Disposable Poncho w/hood (in case there is rain while waiting for the race to start)
  • Garbage Bag – Can be used to stay warm and dry prior to race start
  • Cell Phone (In case you get lonely out there)
  • IPOD
  • Travel Alarm Clock (heck, take two)
  • Garmin/Sports watch/Heart-rate monitor
  • Orthotic Inserts (if you use them)
  • Breakfast food for race morning
  • Sunscreen
  • Salt (if you use it)
  • Small packet of tissue/TP/wipes (port-a-johns sometimes run out)
  • Cell Phone Charger
  • Extra Shoe Laces
  • Hair Bands
  • Sun Glasses
  • Additional Snacks for the race (protein bar, hard candies, gum)
  • Camera
  • Extra Contacts/Glasses (If needed)
  • Contact Solution
  • Gear Bag – For your support crew to give you at the end of the race in case it’s cold
  • Disposable Shower Cap – To cover your cap/head while waiting in the rain for the race to start
  • Disposable Arm Sleeves – i.e. old tube socks with the feet cut off
  • Extra clothes to place in your gear bag for after the race

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