MIT Weekly Workouts

MIT Weekly Workouts

Each week, MIT will offer four workouts that you can integrate into your training. The most important is the Saturday long run. If you can only make one workout each week, plan on making this one. Read on for details about each workout. If you have any questions, feel free to email Jeff or Stephanie with questions.


  • These workouts are the foundation of your training. Each Saturday we will head out for the longest workouts for the week.
  • Your pace coaches will guide your through each workout and provide you with pointers along the way.
  • Hydration is set out for you along the route every 2-3 miles.
  • *** Note that your pace on Saturdays should not be your race pace!!! *** Pace should be 30-60 seconds slower than you race pace. Why? Click here to find out!
  • Locations for Saturday workouts are as follows. Be sure to check the MIT calendaror the weekly newsletters for locations each week.
    • Thomas Worthington High School (TWHS) - 300 W. Dublin-Granville Rd, Worthington, 43085
    • Ohio Health Westerville Campus - 300 Polaris Pkwy., Westerville, 43082
    • OhioHealth Dublin Campus - 7500 Hospital Dr, Dublin 43016


  • Running mechanics, plyometrics and core, oh my!
  • Tuesday mornings at Fleet Feet we will offer short, high intensity workouts, starting at 5:30 am.
  • These workouts will focus on increasing efficiency, while also getting your heart rate up a bit and engaging our precious core muscles!


  • On Wednesdays, you have two options: You can run with the group led by Coach Randy or if you’ve previously completed several marathons or half marathons, you can choose to join Jeff for speed and tempo work.
  • Running with Randy
    • All paces will be accommodated in this informal run.
    • This is a great opportunity to get your Wednesday miles in with some familiar faces.
    • Pace coaches will not be provided.
  • Tempo with Jeff
    • If you are looking to build on previous success in your half or full marathon training, and have signed up for the advanced or experienced training schedules, you may join Jeff for tempo and marathon-paced workouts.
    • These workouts will focus on building your endurance and increasing your ability to run or walk faster for longer.
    • Hydration will be provided.
    • ***For those who are following the experienced and advanced schedules and who are doing
      Wednesday speed workouts please take note of the following:
      • Your schedule includes a determined mileage for each day. On Wednesday your mileage includes a warm-up, the workout and a cool-down. There will be occasions where your schedule calls for more or less mileage than will be included in the Wednesday workout. In these cases you have a couple of options:
  1. Complete the mileage as prescribed for the Wednesday workout without regard to differences with your weekly schedule. This option is ­ne as long as it doesn't throw your weekly total off by more than 5%.
  2. In the event that your weekly schedule calls for more mileage on Wednesday than is prescribed for the workout you may wish to do the additional mileage in a longer warm-up or cool-down are do a second workout on Wednesday morning before coming to the workout. You may also choose to add mileage to your Thursday or Friday workout.
  3. In the event that your weekly schedule calls for less mileage on Wednesday than is prescribed for the workout you may wish to do less mileage on days following the workout, but do NOT neglect the warm-up or cool-down.
  • Most Wednesday workouts will meet at Thomas Worthington High School, but please consult the MIT calendar or the weekly email to confirm.


  • Sunday Core! We are partnering with Marie Miller, a certified personal trainer, to offer core strength workouts every Sunday.
  • Join us at Fleet feet at 10:00 am to work on those core muscles that are so important to runners!

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