New You, New Bra

With a new season upon us, we want to make sure you are geared up for training! 

At Fleet Feet + FrontRunner, we believe that all bras should empower women, make them feel beautiful, and fit their bodies, no matter what. Our Bra Fit Specialists see sports bras not as another piece of clothing, but as a gateway to a new life, it can be truly life changing. 

We spend a lot of time talking about running injuries and how to prevent them; shin splints, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, etc. One topic that is hardly ever touched upon, but perhaps the most important, is the potential soft tissue damage that female runners can cause in their breasts. A wrong-sized or worn-out sports bra that doesn't control the bouncing during exercise, may lead to a condition called Cooper's droop. Cooper's droop is when the connective tissue strands in the breasts called Cooper's Ligaments are stretched, leading to permanent sagging of the breasts.

Don't just pick a sports bra out because it 'might' be the right size for you or because you like the color! Let us help you. We have a Personal FIT Process for not only our footwear, but also sports bras. We take your measurements, recommend the best bras for you and show you how a good bra should fit and feel. A good sports bra will provide superior breast support, comfort, breathability and moisture-control. Notice I said 'a' sports bra - no need to wear more than one at a time! Yes, it's true! We have a fabulous selection of sports bras for all shapes and sizes and support levels. No matter what your needs and preferences are, size A - DDD, racerback or not, we have what you need!
Just like running shoes, sports bras break down over time. They can become stretched out through regular wearing and washing. Once this happens, they no longer provide the support that they once did. As a rule of thumb, replace your sports bra when you replace your running shoes (every 6 – 12 months). Your sports bra should not have a birthday!
Take the time to take care of yourself. You're already trying to live a healthy, active lifestyle by working out and exercising. Give yourself a chance to be successful by wearing the right equipment. When you feel good, chances are you'll continue challenging yourself and reach new heights, no matter what you do!
Product Highlight:
I'd like to introduce you to the re-launch of the New Balance sports bras. Designed for a variety of activities and body types, NB workout bras provide the comfort, support and control you need to keep motion to a minimum. 
Many of you have come to love the Shockingly Unshocking. While it is not going away, we would like you to introduce a new high impact option. The NB Power Bra for women has a stabilized body construction that encapsulates and supports. A gel-infused hook/eye closure and cup sizes up to DD make this bra the perfect choice for high-impact workouts.
We also have an new sports bra in stock for the A/B cup women. The low-profile design, feminine details and medium-impact support of the NB Pace Bra make this fitness staple equal parts style and performance.

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