New To MIT? Who do you go to and for what?

New To MIT?   Who do you go to and for what?

If you are new to MIT one of the things that will confuse you from the onset is how to best utilize our “people resources”.   Here are a few things that you will have questions about throughout your training.  

  • The training schedule itself – decoding and understanding
  • How to manage your time to get in the miles
  • Training augmentations – such as core and cross training and mulit-sport
  • Proper nutrition
  • Proper gear
  • Races and racing to get ready for your goal race
  • The reasonableness of your goals

The list can go on forever, and indeed many people have spent their lives working on what it takes to enjoy running or walking and endurance activity and what it takes to become wholly proficient at it.   At MIT, between our coaches and Head Coach, our Program Director, our doctors and our owner, and most of all our experienced members, we really don’t have all the answers but we have more answers than you can possibly find anywhere else.

Jeff Henderson is our Head Coach.   If you ever have a question about the training plan contact Jeff.  However, Jeff’s real value to the program is that he is more invested in it than anyone else, and that is saying a lot.   Jeff has done more for the fitness community in Central Ohio than anyone.  Period.  Beyond his caring for all of you, Jeff is a pretty good councilor to go to when the training gets tough.  (Which it does from time to time).  Jeff’s e-mail is:

Dr. Bright is our Medical Director and is the top Sports Medicine Doctor in the Region.   As a longtime member of MIT and a coach, and as Medical Director for the Capital City Half Marathon and the Columbus Marathon, Dr. Bright has worked with more runner-patients than perhaps any doctor in the U.S.   Your concerns about injuries and injury prevention should be readily directed to Dr. Bright.  His e-mail is:

Sean Huffman is our Director of Medical Education.   Sean lines up the educational content for MIT, and ensures that we have any medical resources that we need from OhioHealth in order to keep our members and coaches safe and educated.   Sean is President of Neighborhood Care at OhioHealth, and should you or a loved one find the need to have to check into an OhioHealth hospital, Sean should be contacted to ensure that you or the patient receives the best the facility has to offer in terms of hospitality.   Sean can be reached at e-mail address:

Tim Flahaven owns MIT, and he should be contacted immediately if there is anything you are not satisfied with throughout your training journey.   Tim can be reached at cell phone 614 735-4551 and at e-mail

For Jeff, Dr. Bright, Dr. Devor or Tim, it would be helpful if when you call or e-mail them to just identify yourself as a member of MIT and to let them know how long you have been in the program and what pace group you train with.  

FINALLY – Your Pace Coaches know a great deal and are the ones that you will have the most one-on one time with.   They are there for you each and every Saturday and you should know that they are experienced and eager to help.   Same with the MIT veterans.   We have many members that have been with use for 6 to 12 years and they are the ones who really are the advocates of our program and are motivated for you to enjoy what they have enjoyed.

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