New Mom Return to Running - Gear up and get out the door!

Nothing can be more refreshing, frustrating, and rewarding than returning to running after giving birth to your little one. 

Finding time is nearly impossible. Getting back in stride can be terrifying. Finding the right gear so that you feel like YOU is often the hardest part!

So let's start from the beginning... Congratulations you made a human - literally made a human, and now it is time for you to spend a little time on yourself

Let's go from the ground up

  • Shoes & Socks - 9 (well really 10) months of carrying around your baby will cause your feet to spread.  You may find many of the shoes you have worn in the past are tight or just don't fit.  Come and get re-fit.  Also do to the swelling your socks might slip into the back of your shoes.  Balega socks keep their shape and you might want to go up one size - they feel wonderful in slippers too!
  • Pants, Capris, Shorts - I know nothing fits.  You had a person so your hips might not be the same measurement, or your thighs, or calves....etc. It is important to feel good to work out.  Get pants that FIT.  It will give you the confidence to put them on.  We have capris with very wide waste bands that hold in your tummy, don't cause "muffin top" and feel very good.  Green Light Capri is one of my favorites.
  • Underwear - it is up to you if you want to wear underwear under your capris or shorts.  It is more difficult to control if you happen to pee.  We have seamless Under Armor underwear - it feels good and gives you a layer just in case you have a secret accident
  • Bra - Holy Moly your boobs change sizes every day.  Raise your hand if you are a breast feeding momma.  We have the Fiona that has velcro in the front which is great so you don't have to peel a sports bra off to feed your baby incase they get hungry right in the middle of your workout.  This bra also doesn't have underwire which is key to not clog milk ducts.  If you have a new baby you need a new bra...Period.
  • Shirts & Tanks - Get a couple that make you feel beautiful - the key to getting out there is feeling good and looking good helps.  We have tops that don't cling to your stomach and will make those new capris looking sharp.
  • Sweaty Bands - accessorize - when you are pregnant or right after your hair breaks.  Some people get the peacock - we have non-slipping bands for your hair - they are very cute, functional, and make you look pulled together when you need to run to the grocery store in your pajamas
  • Visors & Hats - Protect yourself.  You take huge precautions to protect your baby's skin - do the same for yourself
  • Body Glide & Aquafor - The Chafe Is Real!!!  Be proactive not reactive.  It is NO FUN to have chafed thighs, arm pits, or hoooo haaaas.

Lastly - you are beautiful - you made a person, join a training program, find a friend to walk with, but get moving - keep your body healthy for your new peanut. 

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