How Far Have I Progressed?

 Contributed by Tim Flahaven 

Now that we are a good two months into the training, it’s a good time to look back at the beginning.   At this point it is daunting and unproductive to look ahead.   It is better to look back and compare how you feel about the training now vs. how you felt about it on June 7th.  

You will understand that you have actually made progress.  

First, you have fallen into the rhythm and cadence of an average training week.   You are into a routine – and routine is something that, taken over the course of several months – can be good for a runner or walker.   Second, you have noticed that you are sleeping a little better at night and you are probably dealing with stress a bit better.   And of course, even at this early stage you are beginning to notice fitness gain.   They are most apparent in the day-to-day things like feeling more robust around the office or being able to bound more easily up and down stairs.   But certainly you should be feeling more relaxed and comfortable on the Saturday runs.   You are progressing.   But you still have a long way to go.   Better to look behind to gauge progress than to look ahead and wonder whether or not enough progress will eventuate.   Let your coaches worry about looking ahead.  

If you feel you are not making progress of if progress is not coming as readily as you had expected, by all means consult with your coaches or others on the MIT leadership team.   It alright to be concerned about rate of progress, but in all likelihood a little patience will prove to you that the fitness adaptations are taking hold.

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