Flu Shots and Racing

Contributed by Dr. Bright

Great question. The reality is you cannot get the flu from the flu shot. However, I have seen some people get achy and slightly feverish for a few days after a flu shot. I would definitely not want to get a flu shot in close proximity to the race. Conversely, I certainly wouldn't want to get the flu prior to a race. That is a sure way to destroy a season of training. If the race were during a time when the influenza virus was in Ohio it might be a good idea to to get your flu shot well in advance of the race to provide protection and prevent getting the flu. The marathon is October 20 and traditionally we do not see a lot of influenza in this region during that time. Therefore I would strongly advise doing your flu shot shortly after the race. The OhioHealth mandate is that you receive your flu shot prior to December 1.

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