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Fleet Feet + FrontRunner Elite Team

We are proud to have a group of blazingly fast runners on our elite team. They represent our Fleet Feet + FrontRunner family at many different events: from local 5ks to international marathons. Because many of us are 'mere mortals' when it comes to running, we wanted to bring these goddesses and gods down from Mt. Olympus in order to get to know them a little better! Check out their photos and information and make sure to say hello to them when you see them at a race or out on a training run!

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Jarrod GentherJarrod Genther

1) What has been your favorite race you've run and why? States my senior year of high school when I got third in the 1600 because of all the hard work I put in to get to that point in my running career.
2) What are your running goals for 2016? Run 2:45 in the marathon.
3) What is your favorite post-race meal/drink? Chipotle or chocolate milk.
4) If you could run an easy 5 miles while chatting with anyone (historical figure or current figure), who would that be and why? Will Leer or Nick Symmonds, because they are professional runners and would be down to get some beers afterwards.
5) What is your go-to shoe for training and what is your go-to shoe for race day? Nike Pegasus for training and Nike Zoom Streak LT for racing.

Andrew KessingerAndrew Kessinger

1) What has been your favorite race you've run and why? My favorite race is the local Upper Arlington Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot.  Nice and relaxing after the Fall Marathoning season and a race I can enjoy with my girls participating too.
2) What are your running goals for 2016? My 2016 race goals are to have fun, stay healthy and to go sub-2:45 for my Fall Marathon.  I'm also planning on some shorter distance events this Spring and Summer to help with fitness, speed, and turnover.
3) What is your favorite post-race meal/drink? Chocolate milk post race drink for me.  And of course after a hard effort in a Marathon, my go to is the biggest cheesburger I can find!
4) If you could run an easy 5 miles while chatting with anyone (historical figure or current figure), who would that be and why? I'd like to log an easy 5 miles with Pre.  Although that would be at 5:30 pace for him I'd like to ask him questions about running, racing, and life in general.
5) What is your go-to shoe for training and what is your go-to shoe for race day? Go to shoe for training is The Nike Lunar Racer Flyknit 3.  I also race in this shoe.  I rotate about 8-10 pairs in any given year.  I am trying out the Nike Lunar Epic on shorter 6-8 mile runs and like this shoe a lot too!  

Tina Husted

1) What has been your favorite race you've run and why? Grandmas 2014 - 1st time I broke 2:50 (2:47:26) and Philly 2014 - my PR -1st in masters and 7th woman overall 2:46:55.
2) What are your running goals for 2016? For now to get healthy - I've had 2 injury set backs. I had planned on racing Boston then Cap City but neither panned out - if I get better after the medical treatments I've recently received I'm in the women's elite start in NYC marathon in early Nov but will only race if I can truly compete.
3) What is your favorite post-race meal/drink? Pancakes with a little protein powder with Infinite Recovery.
4) If you could run an easy 5 miles while chatting with anyone (historical figure or current figure), who would that be and why? Jesus Christ because I would feel lifted up the entire run- literally! And to try to better understand our purpose here on Earth.
5) What is your go-to shoe for training and what is your go-to shoe for race day? I love the Nike Pegasus for long runs and the Nike Tempo Trainer for upbeat training runs- I love the Nike Tempo Racer for almost all races up to a marathon.

Neil Hertenstein

1) What has been your favorite race you've run and why? The annual Larry Cox Turkey Trot 5K back in my home town of Chillicothe. The race is to honor the late Officer Larry Cox who was killed chasing down a robbery suspect on foot while off duty. He was a great runner back in his day and a great role model for kids under the DARE program. I've ran the race every year it's been held since the inaugural race in 2005. The race has grown substantially in size (over 1000 participants) which is great both for competition and for the funds raised for the Southern Ohio Crime Stoppers. I love being able to go home that morning and lining up to race against many old friends to help a good cause.
2) What are your running goals for 2016? Continue to bring my 5K PR down over the summer while also staying healthy and putting in a lot of miles to beat down that dreaded Columbus Marathon on October 16th. 
3) What is your favorite post-race meal/drink? Anything. I typically start shoveling any food/drink they have into me after a race. I especially love chocolate milk and a banana right after a race, regardless of distance.
4) If you could run an easy 5 miles while chatting with anyone (historical figure or current figure), who would that be and why? Thomas Paine. He was such a integral individual in America's independence and I'd love to chat with him about his ideas and the impact they had on our country. 
5) What is your go-to shoe for training and what is your go-to shoe for race day? I've been training in the Brooks Ravenna for 4 years now while also trying and rotating other shoes along the way but that's my go-to. As for racing, I recently got a pair of Adidas Boston Boost which I love for longer races and for shorter races I prefer the New Balance RC1400.

Amanda Cooke

1) What has been your favorite race you've run and why? I love the Columbus Marathon. The energy is great, the course is awesome, and it's home.
2) What are your running goals for 2016? Sub 3 in the marathon and snag some PRs in shorter distances.
3) What is your favorite post-race meal/drink? After a marathon I love ice cream but after the shorter distances chocolate milk works great.
4) If you could run an easy 5 miles while chatting with anyone (historical figure or current figure), who would that be and why? Steven Prefontaine because he was amazingly awesome. I also lack the ability to run hard when it hurts. I would definitely love to hear straight from him how to run when every part of you body says to quit.
5) What is your go-to shoe for training and what is your go-to shoe for race day? Brooks Glycerin are my go to for training and my race shoe is the Mizuno Sayonara.

 Josh Richardson

1) What has been your favorite race you've run and why? Wilmington College XC Invitational 2015.  This is my favorite race, first of all, because it is the race of my 8k PR - 25:16.  But more than that, this meet was pivotal in my senior season of cross country at MVNU.  In my 3 prior seasons, I had run my best time two weeks before at the All-Ohio meet and then proceeded to have a very average race at Wilmington and then struggle to return to that form late in the season.  This time, things were different.  I blew my previous PR out of the water and that momentum led me into the home stretch of the season where I was able to qualify for nationals for the first time.  It was a huge monkey off my back and I look back to that race as one of those races where everything just came together. 
2) What are your running goals for 2016? In 2016, I hope to transition into racing marathons, hopefully breaking under 2:30.  Coming out of college, I'd like to do more "fun" running and hit up the trails a little bit more, not worrying so much about getting in a certain amount of mileage as experiencing joy in running.
3) What is your favorite post-race meal/drink? Mountain Dew, Oreos, Cake, Cookie dough, and anything else that would be considered atrocious for my body. 
4) If you could run an easy 5 miles while chatting with anyone (historical figure or current figure), who would that be and why? If I could run 5 miles with anyone in history, it would have to be Martin Luther (not to be confused with Martin Luther King), and it would have to be longer than 5 miles.  He was a man that played a major role in instigating the Reformation in 16th century Europe.  What I admire about Luther is the fact that his Christian faith informed his actions, even when the powers-that-be told him otherwise.  This persevering faith led to many hardships, but his passion for truth has benefited many people.  He did not fear other people, but steadfastly trusted in God, trusting that his faith would be rewarded.  Running with such a guy as Luther would be fascinating.
5) What is your go-to shoe for training and what is your go-to shoe for race day? The Nike Zoom Structure for training, and the New Balance 1500 for racing.


Garrett Knapik

1) What has been your favorite race you've run and why? My favorite race that I have run happens to be the Trinity Invitational in high school!  The reason it is my most loved is that the course is one of the best and fastest course in the nation that also give you a challenge.  The atmosphere at the meet also happens to be one of the most energetic around. All around everyone is in great company and it is a fantastic meet!
2) What are your running goals for 2016? My running goals so far are to get back into shape.  Once that is accomplished we then can move onto looking at dropping my 5k time down to around 14:45.  The next step would be to get around 30:00 in the 10k.  There are still many miles and workouts to be done to get there. 
3) What is your favorite post-race meal/drink? The thing I crave the most after a race happens to be a UDF milkshake, chocolate milk with chocolate ice cream!
4) If you could run an easy 5 miles while chatting with anyone (historical figure or current figure), who would that be and why? I would love to run an easy 5 miles with Bart Yasso.  He is such an influential part of the running community that running him 1-on-1 would be a hell of a time.
5) What is your go-to shoe for training and what is your go-to shoe for race day? For training, I have two types of shoes that I like to use.  On workout days, I like to go for a racing flat such as the Nike Streak or Mizuno Hitagami.  For normal mile days, I like to run in Nike Vomero or the On Cloudflyer.  When it comes to racing I will usually wear something like Nike Rival Distance or Saucony Endorphine.

Grace McCarron

I work for Ohio health, I'm 28 and I have 4 soon to be 5 year old son, Henry. I have been a runner since I was in middle school basically. I ran for 3 years at Wichita state where I graduated from in 2011. I didn't get seriously dedicated to running until after Henry was born and I started running with my sister Emma and as it turned out she was training to be a rather competitive runner for capital. Thus my miles went from 3 pushing a baby jogger to 12 under 7 minutes and my times dropped and essentially that's where I'm at. I have gotten my 5k down to around 18 flat just under on a good day and my half around 1.22, with hopes of hitting 1.18/19 and running a marathon around 2.55. Running has become a healthy addiction and I rarely find an excuse to miss. 

Emma McCarron

I'm 26 from Mansfield Ohio.  I am partial owner of the family dairy. I have been running pretty much since 7th grade. My mom was a big runner when i was younger. I became more serious after my freshman year of college when I decided how I was running wasn't good enough. I went to capital university where I was an all American in the steeple chase. I started running with my sister grace after she had her son in 2011. From there we became more and more competitive. And now running is just something we do, and do together. It's our time to talk and vent and enjoy the day. Whether that means running in 6 ft snow with 30 mph wind with a temp of -40 we just go do it.  I didn't run a 5k pr till last summer (17:11) at that time I was 12 weeks pregnant. I continued to run knowing I wanted to run Boston. I had my daughter Jan 19th of 2016. And after 3-4 weeks of about no training I started running for Boston. I was able to finish Boston in April (3:12) and my baby is 4 months old and I'm looking forward to getting my base back and miles fast! 

Steve Stobart

I started running my Junior year in HS.  My younger brother had started running because his shop teacher had convinced him to run cross country.  I was playing soccer at the time and he convinced me that running would be good to get me into better shape for soccer.  I wasn’t very good but I stuck with it and by the end of the season, I earned one medal in a reserve race.  I had a more successful Senior year and I was hooked.  I continued running in college where I was fortunate to run for a great coach, Dave Lehman, with some great teammates that helped me achieve All-American status in the 3000m Steeplechase.  I am proud that my wife and 2 daughters are active runners and have all ran at least one half marathon.

My tips to success: Have Goals, Keep a running log, Find people that have similar goals and are a pleasure to run with, Be flexible

My Goals: Run long and Prosper


Colin Burdette

I started running in middle school and fell in love with it. I fell in love with the friendships it built as well as the competition. After finishing high school at Hilliard Davidson I decided to take my talents to Ypsilanti, MI to be a part of one of the oldest programs in the country. My favorite event has to be the 5k. I have an unofficial PR of 14:58 in that event. I am excited to be joining the Fleet Feet team and running with a former teammate (Garrett Knapik) as I start my first summer road racing circuit.

Andrew Wallace

I started running in 2006 when I joined the Worthingway Middle School cross country and track teams to give myself a break from soccer. I was nowhere close to being the fastest but that didn’t matter, everyone on the team was friendly and made me enjoy the time together. Once I got to high school I had to choose between the two sports, the fun and sense of family that running provided won out. I ran under Jeff Henderson in both cross country and track during my time at Thomas Worthington high school. I continue to compete on the club level in running, cross country, track, and triathlon at Miami University. This year I placed 8th and received all-American in the 5k at NIRCA (collegiate club) Nationals. Currently my best times are 4:26 in the mile, 9:16 in the 3k, 15:32 5k , and 1:16:09 in the half marathon. The events that I really like to run are anything from 5k up to the half marathon because I feel like these races allow you to get into a rhythm. 

Roger Honan

I really got into running about a decade ago to get into better shape, as a challenge from a boss and some co-workers who were doing the same.  My boss and I chose a marathon as our target race to help keep us motivated.  This would be my first marathon, and I ultimately qualified for Boston.  I followed that race up with running Boston in the spring for what I thought would be my last marathon.  However, being around the other Boston runners flipped a switch in me and I instantly knew there would be more marathons in my future.  I diversified into Ironman Triathlon's and Ultra's for a quite a few years, but now I'm back focused on the "more reasonable distances" of the Half and Full Marathon.  My Half PR is 1:20 and my Full PR is 2:47

Paul Stoodley

As a kid growing up in England I used to run and bike everywhere since cars were not so common, and I loved the feel of being out in the fresh air and being able to go whenever I felt like it. Later at University I kept runnig up for my own enjoyment and to work off a beer or two. When I moved to Bozeman MT and realized that you could get to the top of a mountain and back in a day running trails in regular running shoes and a fanny pack instead of having heavy leather boots and a 60 LB backpack I really got interested! Up to then (mid 40s) I had run with buddies but never formally trained. After moving back to England I joined Winchester and District Athletic Club where my daughters were training, and started formal training. At first I was more than skeptical that the drills and the to-the-second run and rest times on the track, road and XC courses would make any difference but my times started improving. I mainly between 5K and 1/2 marathons with 10K being my distance of choice. On moving to Columbus and joining MIT I did something I had not really intended to do and got drawn into the infectious enthusiasm for marathons! Thanks to a lot of training with MIT coaches, my pace group and distance coaching by Tina I made my first two marathons last fall and thoroughly enjoyed them (once I had recovered!). I look forward in continuing to discover new joys of running and seeing PBs which I never thought I would see again!     

Mary Dilhoff

I started distance running in 2001 with my first marathon and didn't run another for several years!  However after the second marathon I was hooked and have been distance running ever since.  I began running more competitively relatively late in life, in my late 20's and early 30's, after someone convinced me to just be quiet during a race and I could probably run fairly fast!  I've spent the last year getting back in shape from my first baby and now pregnant with my second (and last!) baby.  So I will have a little slow down for a few months and then will get back to racing. Although I love running and sometimes wish it were a full time job, my real job is as a surgical oncologist and I have the privilege of taking care of patients with pancreas and liver cancer.  Running is such a great outlet for people and it's a sport that we can all do.  Some a little slower and some a little faster but we're all going along left, right, left, right just the same.  The camaraderie of running with a team I find very rewarding and pushes us to be our best and I'm proud to run with Fleet Feet!  

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