move. live. give.

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move. live. give.

move:  I have to move.  Why? There are as many reasons as we run and walk.  I move because I must.  I move to stay healthy.  I move to forget.  I move to remember.  I move to be among others who don’t look at me funny when I say, “I’m only doing 18 today.”  I move to maintain weight.  I move because it feels right.  I move to live.
live: I am fortunate. Moving helps me deal with life’s challenges.  Yes I have problems, but there is always someone whose problems are worse.  Someone I wouldn’t want to trade places with, someone who can’t move, someone who can’t afford new shoes every 4 months, or someone who cares for a terminally ill child.  I live to give.
give:   I know what MIT gives to me. There are always others who could benefit from my time or money. I know what runners and walkers are capable of giving, if we harness the energy, enthusiasm, and passion on display as we cross each finish line.  
Does this sound compelling? Pay it forward. Our running and walking community is a powerful, compassionate community.  Imagine what we can accomplish when we harness even a fraction of our power to help transform our community.  Help M.L.G. start changing their lives one dollar at a time by checking our partners below.

DeterminationDetermination - The American Cancer Society - We save lives and create more birthdays by helping you stay well, helping you get well, by finding cures, and by fighting back. Click here to contact Meghan Feran with ACS Determination for more information.

ALZ StarsALZ Stars - The Alzheimer's Association - Whether you run, swim, bike or hike, ALZ Stars® is something you can do to help end Alzheimer's disease. Get out of your comfort zone and test your limits for a cause that needs your support! When you sign up to be an ALZ Star, you pledge to raise funds and awareness in the fight against Alzheimer's. Click here to contact Matt Levering with ALZ Stars for more information


JDRF_2C_Logo.jpgTeam JDRF Challenge Events combine your passion for helping others with the inspiration to train and raise funds for JDR. Run or walk a marathon or half marathon and be part of JDRF’s effort to find a cure. Living with type 1 diabetes can be like completing and endurance event…except it goes on day in, day out - the dietary restrictions, the multiple daily blood tests and the injections of insulin seem endless. With your support we can advance the research that will lead to better treatments, and eventually a cure for type 1 diabetes.


MTTMy Team Triumph - MyTEAM Triumph promotes health, teamwork, and community, and requires the involvement of many people with diverse abilities and disabilities. Click here to find out how you can join the team!



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