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JEFF HENDERSON – GM - Retail | Training | Racing

Jeff grew up in Worthington and developed his love for running early as he went to watch and eventually run in local road races with his family.  He has a passion for running and strives to help those around him adopt that same passion. In addition to working at Fleet Feet Jeff is the head coach for MIT as well as working with Premier Sports to put on some of the finest running & walking events in the nation. Jeff is also one of the easiest people to find out on the running paths as he is unofficially the tallest runner in Columbus. 

EMAIL - jeff@fleetfeetcolumbus.com


DAVE CALVERT – Store Manager/Buyer/Fit Expert

Dave began his running career in 2007 and in that short time he has become a six-time Boston qualifier. He who joined the Fleet Feet crew in January 2009. Over the past few years Dave has developed a wealth of knowledge to help Central Ohio become a healthier, more active community. He can provide you with advice for nagging aches and pains, proper footwear and is a wiz with electronics. Dave can often be found running through his neighborhood in Lewis Center or out on the Olentangy trail checking on the MIT group on Saturday mornings.

EMAIL - dave@fleetfeetcolumbus.com


AARON MACK - Store Manager/Footwear Buyer/NoBo Coach/Fit Expert

Aaron has an extensive background in running. He has coached Middle School Track and Cross Country in Worthington since 2008. Before that Aaron had an outstanding running career at Otterbein College. Growing up in Elyria, Aaron developed a passion for running. Aaron now spends his days helping new runners and walkers in Central Ohio discover that running changes everything.  In the store he is responsible for special orders and providing an exceptional FIT experience however he is busy outside of the store helping to coach our No Boundaries program!

EMAIL: Aaron@fleetfeetcolumbus.com 

JENN SCRIMENTI - Training Program Director/Fit Expert

Jenn has an incredible knack for organization. She is the glue that holds Fleet Feet Training together. Jenn was a soccer player in college where she developed her passion for wellness. Once her soccer career ended, she turned to running to continue living an active, healthy lifetyle and she hasn't turned back. In the short time that Jenn has been with Fleet Feet Training she has made an immense impact on the sustainability of the training programs. Her role will enable Fleet Feet Training to take health and wellness to Greater Columbus on a much larger scale in the very near future. 

 EMAIL: Jenn@fleetfeetcolumbus.com

LIZ CUSTER- Apparel Buyer/Fit Expert

Liz has a passion for health and fitness and recently made the transition from a large company to Fleet Feet in order to pursue her goals of encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle.  Liz is responsible for helping customers with all of their fitness goals and has a great eye for running apparel that is both functional and great looking. Liz is one of our No Boundaries coaches and takes a great deal of pride in knowing that she is working toward a healthier Columbus!

EMAIL: Liz@fleetfeetcolumbus.com

BEN HEIMLICH - Fit Expert/No Boundaries Coach

Ben is in his last year at Ohio State and has been involved with Fleet Feet and the running community for almost six years now. He loves to help runners get started on the path to change their life. This inspired him to be a No Boundaries coach where he helps new runners achieve their goals and stay active. Ben will provide a great shoe FIT experience for your running and walking needs!                                                                       .

EMAIL - Ben.Heimlich@gmail.com

KRISTEN GILLENWATER - Marketing Manager/Fit Expert

Kristen is passionate about working with local businesses and coordinates events for us to help get the word out to the community about the services we offer. You can also find her helping customers get out of pain and in to the right fit. She has been running since middle school and continues to run with MIT. Want your coworkers to see why you love Fleet Feet? Email her and see how together we can be the movement!

EMAIL - Kristen@fleetfeetcolumbus.com

CHELSEA CASLOW - Store Manager - Store Mom

Chelsea was one of the original crew that helped Tim open the store in 2004.  She has been fitting shoes for years and can help literally anyone find footwear that is appropriate for them.  She managed the Fleet Feet Savannah store for over a year and we are thrilled to have her back.  She can help you with literally anything you may need to facilitate a healthy and fit lifestyle!

EMAIL - chelsea@fleetfeetcolumbus.com

LAURYN WINTERS - OhioHealth Athletic Trainer/Fit Expert

Lauryn is a valuable addition to the Fleet Feet family and is a board certified athletic trainer who splits her time with both OhioHealth as well as our store!  She is available upon a walk-in basis and her advice and help is always FREE at the store!  Her training allows her to evaluate common injuries as well as make recommendations and referrals. Feel free to call ahead for her schedule!




Kaila has been a competitive runner since 7th grade. She is a recent graduate of Otterbein University where she competed on both the track and cross country team. She made an appearance at the NCAA national championships in the 1500m run, and holds three records at Otterbein. Although her competitive career is over, you may find her competing in road races. She also times some Premier Races. Running is a passion; it's a lifestyle. She is here to share that with each of you! 


Dominick comes to us with a great background of exercise science from Otterbein University (go cards!) and years of coaching track for Thomas Worthington High School. He was a great track athlete at Otterbein and has decided to pursue his love of running and helping people get moving. We are excited about a few upcoming projects that his experience will be key in helping us make them great!


Jami has been running competitively since 7th grade and recently graduated from Ohio State University.  Some of her greatest running memories are from the time she spent with the Ohio State running club. While with the running club she received several top ten NIRCA national awards. For her, running is about achieving your personal goals and loving every minute of it. She has an obvious passion for helping others and loves being in a position to encourage others to start running. 

AIMEE PRICE - Fit Expert

Aimee is a runner and triathlete from Delaware, Ohio who has been coaching runners since 2008. She loves coaching half and full marathoners, especially those who are new to the sport because "each new week of training brings a new victory." Aimee is also the official RUN Coach for the Capital City Half Marathon. Her passion and professionalism are an asset to Fleet Feet Sports and we know you will benefit as well!


NATALIE MILLER  - Customer Service Expert

Natalie is a Senior at Orange High School and is an amazing soccer player.  She is here to make sure you receive the most comprehensive service. On busy days she will help direct you on of our sales associates, answer any question you may have and get you out the door and on with your busy day in a memorable fashion.


ERICA KELLY - Fit Expert

Erica is a student at The Ohio State University studying biology and happens to be the president of the OSU run club!  She helps to make sure that each customer that walks through the door receives the best customer service possible.  She takes care of the staff, the store, and of course customers.  Often Erica can be found helping on the floor with FIT, helping other staff members stay organized, or working local events.  She also enjoys working for Dr.Bright's medical team at many of the larger local events!  Erica loves fitness and running especially and is excited to be actively involved in the Columbus running community!


STEPHANIE PLANK - Fit Expert/No Boundaries 10K Coach

Stephanie loves running so much that in her free time she has decided to help out around Fleet Feet!  She has a passion for long distance and speed but her true passion is found through helping others.  Because of her kind and helpful nature along with her years of running experience, we decided that Stephanie would be the ideal person for coaching our 10K No Boundaries program.  She truly shines when she is able to coach others through those first few steps toward accomplishing their fitness goals!  If you are looking for a new pair of shoes for your next race or if you just need some helpful running advice, Stephanie is here to help!


RYAN MORAN - Rocks and Roots Trail Runner/Fit Expert

When Ryan isn't working at a local radio station he can be found spending his extra time with the Fleet Feet family.  Ryan has a love of the trail and has been a huge reason why our Rocks and Roots Trail Runners Association is what is today. Although Ryan works primarily on weekends, he is always the first to offer help and is always eager to help customers find the perfect FIT.  He can help you with any and all of your running needs and when Ryan is helping you out you can rest assured that you are in good hands!  When Ryan isn't running or working he spends his time with his family.



KIM SAVON - Fit Expert

Kim is an energetic and extremely enthusiastic runner with a passion for getting others to join her in her passion. Kim can often be found at any of the many workouts, classes and clinics we host convincing others they can do anything they put their heart into. She is learning a lot about FIT and will soon be found on the fitting floor helping you with all your running, and walking needs.



Colwyn "CoCo" Headley began running while attending boarding school in his native country of Guyana and been in love with the sport ever since. He recently graduated from The Ohio State University and will be pursuing a doctorate in Biomedical Sciences. CoCo finds joy in the chase; he has competed in events ranging from short sprints to marathons. CoCo asks great questions and customers love to hear his accent!



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